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About us

We're professional Marbles & Granites Company of more than a decade in Vizag

We've a business experience of sixteen years and granites experience of eight years.Commercial granites have different geological origins and minerals. Petrographically, they are either magmatic or metamorphic rocks. True granite, i.e. granite in the scientific sense, are only their one group. They are light magmatic rocks formed by crystallization from magma under the Earth's surface.It can be generally use of any substances of hard natural stones which are polish able and they must be worked on by harder tools than those used for marbles for cutting, shaping and polishing. They are usually suitable for internal and external use.

About us

Vardhamaan is a clean and Modern Designed
Marbles & Granites supplier.

Vardhamaan Granites & Marbles would like to provide you our products and services directly from its factories. As a result of its marketing, Vardhamaan Granites & Marbles's customers will be able to receive better value and more attentive service & products. As a professional stone manufacturer company, we supply best stone to establish long term business relationship with our customers and satisfy our customers' with 24/7 service. We are dedicated to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, earning us a state-wide reputation for expertise and leadership in granite fabrication and installation. No project is too big or too small for our experts. We are the provider/manufacturer of all types of stones like marbles, granites, Italian marble and all types of flooring stones. Our quality products and worldwide appreciation has helped us to elevate our standards of excellence. Every product which leaves our manufacturing unit displays immaculate quality, reliability and durability. view more...